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      仁愛英語精選文摘2021-12-04 10:34:40


      七年級英語下冊 Unit 5 知識點總結

      Topic 1


      1. 在學校大門口 at the school gate

      2. 來學校 come to school

      3. 去學校 go to school

      4. 上課 have class / have classes xK b1.C o m

      5. 步行 on foot

      6. 騎自行車 ride a bike/ ride bikes/ by bike / on a bike

      7. 坐公交 by bus / take a bus

      8. 坐地鐵 by subway / take the subway / on the subway

      9. 坐飛機 by plane/ take the plane / on the plane

      10. 坐小汽車 by car / in a car/ take a car/ drive a car

      11. 坐輪船 by ship

      12. 坐小船 by boat

      13. 坐火車 by train / on the train

      14. 在我們組 in our group

      15. 一群學生 a group of students

      16. 我們中的三個人 three of us

      17. 在平日 on weekdays

      18. 在周末 on the weekends / at weekends

      19. 起床 get up

      20. 睡覺 go to bed

      21. 早起 get up early

      22. 回家 go home

      23. 到家 get home

      24. 去動物園 go to the zoo

      25. 去公園 go to the park

      26. 看電影 see a movie / film

      27. 看電視 watch TV

      28. 在晚上 in the evening / at night

      29. 幫助父母 help parents

      30. 做某人的家庭作業 do one’s ( my/ her/ his/ your/ their)homework

      31. 在學校 at school

      32. 知道,了解 know about / learn about

      33. 校園生活 school life

      34. 一個美國學生 an American student

      35. 在美國 in America / in the U.S.A.

      36. 許多學生 many students/ a lot of students/ lots of students

      37. 很少 very few

      38. 吃午飯 have lunch

      39. 出去吃飯 eat out

      40. 在校期間 on school days

      41. 休息一會 have a short rest/ break

      42. 午飯后 after lunch

      43. 在某人的業余時間in one’s ( my/ his/ her/ their…)free/ spare time

      44. 打籃球 play basketball

      45. 踢足球play soccer / football

      46. 彈鋼琴 play the piano

      47. 彈吉他play the guitar

      48. 拉二胡 play erhu

      49. 去游泳 go swimming / go for a swim

      50. 去劃船 go boating

      51. 球賽 a ball game / ball games

      52. 一年四次 four times a year

      53. 聽音樂 listen to music

      54. 讀書 read books

      55. 看報 read newspapers

      56. 看醫生 see a doctor

      57. 去圖書館 go to the library

      58. 一周兩次 twice a week

      59. 見朋友 meet friends

      60. 每天 every day

      61. 在七點半 at half past seven

      62. 一小會 for a little while / for a short time

      63. 晚飯后 after supper

      64. 吃飯 have dinner

      65. 吃早飯 have breakfast


      1. I usually come to school by subway.

        同義句: I usually take the subway to school.

        對劃線部分提問: How do you usually come to school?


      go to school by bike=go to school

      on a bike= ride a bike to school=ride to school

      go home by bus=go home on a bus=take a bus home

      2. How do you usually/ often…?你通常/經常怎樣…?

      3. It’s time for class.=It’s time to have class. =It’s time for having class.

      4. What about you? =How about you?

      5. How often …? 詢問頻率 ,回答可以用頻率副詞:always, usually, often, sometimes, seldom, never, every day ,every +其他時間名詞或表示頻率的短語回答


      e.g. : once a day / twice a week / three times a month

      6. The early bird catches the work. (諺語) 笨鳥先飛

      7. Work / Study must come first. 工作/ 學習必須放在第一位!

      8. Classes begin at eight. =Class begins at eight.

        提問: What time does the class begin? / What time do the classes begin?


      1. look (感官動詞) 看起來,后面加形容詞

      His mother looks very young.

      They look very cute.

      Her dress looks very nice.

      You look very cool in this coat.

      2. by 介詞

      by 后面直接加表示交通工具的名詞,中間不用任何詞修飾,如:by bike

      by +動詞ing形式,表示通過某種方式

      People show love to their mothers by giving cards.

      You can be a good student by working hard.

      3. over (形容詞)

      School / Class is over.

      4. begin

        現在分詞: beginning 過去式: began

      begin to do sth , begin doing sth

      He begins to write a letter. =He begins writing a letter.

        如果begin本身為分詞,只能用begin to do sth

      He is beginning to run.

      5. listen to 聽(動作) , hear 聽見(結果)

      6. always 反義詞 never

      7. 本話題涉及的時態為一般現在時,句中常有頻率副詞或表示頻率的短語,如果主語為三單,動詞一定要用三單!


      1. You new watch ______ (look) very nice!

      2. Here ______(be) some news.

      3. Oh, come on! It’s time_____ going to school.

      4. They usually go to school on ________(feet).

      5. In my class, forty of _______(we) go to school by bike.

      6. The early bird ______ (catch) the worm.

      7. Kangkang often _____ (ride) a bike to the park.

      8. What time _____ (be)school over?

      9. Work must come ______(once).

      10. It’s time ____you to get up.

      11. We often _____ books in the morning.

      12. Jill’s friend like ______(study) in our school.

      13. Mr. Wang teaches ______(we) English. _____ of us like him.

      14. How about ______(go) out with me?

      15. Most students go to school _____ the school bus.

      16. _______ do you go shopping with your mother?

      A. How soon B. How far C. How often D. How much

      17. What time do you usually get up _____ weekdays?

      18. He ______ busy, so he has no time to play with us.

      A. is always B. seldom is C. always is D. often is

      19. The last class______(finish) at twelve o’clock.

      20. Let’s go______(boat).

      21. It’s time to have breakfast. (同義句)


      22. Michael often rides a bike to school. (同義句)


      23. I always go to work on foot. (對劃線部分提問)


      24. My mother goes shopping twice a week. (對劃線部分提問)


      25. Mary always reads books in the library. (反義句)


      26. He usually does his homework at school. (否定句)


      27. They often go to school by bus in the morning. (對劃線部分提問)


      28. Jane seldom watches TV on weekdays. (改為一般疑問句)


      29. He usually has lunch at home. (對劃線部分提問)


      30. Li Ping often goes to work on foot. (同義句)


      31. 幾乎沒有學生乘地鐵去學校。


      32. 我通常放學后做運動。


      33. 你經常在圖書館看書嗎?


      34. 她母親每天購物一次。


      35. 他們在業余時間做什么?


      36. 他們一年舉行四次球賽。


      37. 瑪利亞怎樣回家?


      38. 她有時坐地鐵回家。


      39. 他通常放學后打籃球,但是不踢足球。


      40. 你常常騎自行車來學學校嗎?


      Unit5 Topic2

      (一) 重要單詞:

      1. borrow:指主語借入 borrow sth. from sb.

      e.g You can borrow this book from the library.

      May I borrow your eraser?

      lend: 指主語借出 lend sth. to sb. / lend sb. sth.

      e.g Can you lend your car to me?

      They often lend us their ball.

      2. keep

      keep 和 borrow, lend 的意思一樣,都是表示借的意思, 區別是borrow和lend是瞬間動詞,而keep是延續性動詞,表示借一段時間, 后常跟上一段時間

      e.g You may keep this book for two weeks.

        借進borrow 借出 lend 借多久 keep

      3. find和look for

      find :找到,發現,強調結果 look for尋找,強調過程

      e.g I’m looking for my shoese verywhere, but I can not find it.

      4. return

      return :歸還=give back return sth to sb=give sth back to sb

      e.g Please return this book to Steve=please give back this book to Steve.

      e.g He will return from America next month.

      5. on time: 準時,強調不早不遲到達

      in time: 及時,強調在規定的時間以前到達

      e.g We must go to work on time. The students can get there in time.

      6. Japanese: adj 日本的,日本人的,日語的 n.日本人,日語


      e.g Two Japanese and three Chinese are swimming in the swimming pool.

      7. also 與too

      兩個都表是“也”的意思, also用在句中, too用在句末

      e.g Helen is also a student.

      I have long hair and she has long hair, too.

      8 plan n.平面圖

      v.計劃 plan to do sth?


      1. on time 準時

      2. in time 及時

      3 .in the center of: 在…..

      4 .next to 在什么隔壁,在什么旁邊

      5. at the back of ; 在….后面(外部后面)

      6. in front of….在…..前面(外部后面)

      7. behind 在…..后面(內部后面)

      8. in the front of 在….前面(內部后面)

      9 .on the left 在左邊

      10. on the right 在右邊

      11. Show sb around 領某人參觀

      12. between …and… 在….與….之間

      13. from ….to…從…..到…..

      14. On the shelf 在架子上 shelf復數形式是shelves

      15. do better in sth/doing sth 在……方面做的更好

      do well in sth/doing sth 在…..做得好

      be good at sth/doing sth 在…..方面擅長

      16. at the moment 現在,此刻

      17. play computer games 玩電腦游戲

      18. a few 幾個

      19. the Great Wall 長城


      1. What’s in+sth 表示哪里有什么東西

      e.g What’s in your purse? 錢包里有什么東西?

      What else 還有別的什么么? else: 別的,其它的

      What else do you have?

      Who else還有別的什么人么? Where else 還有別的什么地方么?

      else除了可以放在疑問詞what,who, where等后面,還可以放在something, anything, nothing, somebody, anybody, nobody后面

      e.g I don’t have anything else to do. I can’t see anybody else in the room.

      2. Here are some photos of his.


      e.g a friend of Sam’s 薩姆的一個朋友 a friend of mine 我的一個朋友

      3. love doing sth習慣性的愛好和習慣

      love to do sth一次性的動作或目前想做的事

      e.g She loves reading in bed. I love to go swimming today.


      (1) . 現在進行時表示正在發生或進行的動作,可與now, at the moment等時間狀語連用

      e.g I’m reading a book now.

      (2). 現在進行時表示當前一段時間內一直進行的動作

      e.g They’re working on a farm this week.?

      (3). 某些行為動詞的現在進行時形式可以表示將來,常常有意圖,安排或打算的含義,并且可與表將來的時間狀語連用,到目前我們所學的這類動詞有come,go,fly,return

      e.g They are flying to London this afternoon.

      We are going to Hong Kong tomorrow.

      Steve is coming tomorrow evening.






        回答:Yes,主(代)+be /No,主(代)+be+not

        特殊疑問句: What+be+主語+doing?

      (5). 現在分詞的構成:

        一般在動詞末尾加-ing buy-----buying call----calling



        加-ing come----coming drive----driving



        雙寫末尾輔音字母,再加-ing plan----planning swim----swimming stop---stopping sit---sitting

        以ie結尾的詞,變ie為y,再加-ing die----dying lie----lying


      (1)—Excuse me, how long may I______ the book?

      ---For two weeks.

      A. borrow B.keep C.lend D.buy

      (2)---Hi, Xiao Qi, I would like to go to the zoo this Sunday.

      I like watching animals best.

      ----I _____like watching animals best.

      A .too B.either C.also D.and

      (3)----Could you come please? I want some help.


      A. Yes, I could. B.You’re welcome.

      C. Sure, I’m coming now. D.That’s all right.

      (4)---Bob, may I_____your MP4?

      ---Sure,but you’d better not______it to others.

      A.lend, lend B.lend,borrow C.borrow,borrow D.borrow,lend

      (5)She’s_____her purse, but she can’t______it. Let’s help her.

      A.find; look for B.looking for; find C. look for; find D.finding; look for

      (6)----What is your mother doing?

      ----My mother is______Miss Li.

      A. talk with B.talking with C.talk to

      (7)---Can I_____a soccer_____the gym?

      ---Of course, you can.

      A.borrow;to B.lend; from C.borrow;from D.borrowing;from

      (8)---How long______your story book?

      ---Three days.

      A.I can keep B.can I borrow C.I can borrow D.can I keep?


      (1)----Are the children swimming in the swimming pool?(做否定回答)

      ----______,______ ________

      (2) They are watching TV.(改為一般疑問句)

      _______ _______watching TV?

      (3) I’m playing computer games.(對劃線部分提問)

      ______are you_______?

      (4) The boys often play soccer on the playground.(改為現在進行時)

      The boys______ _______soccer on the playground.

      (5) He can keep the MP4 for three days.(對劃線部分提問)

      ______ _______can he keep the MP4?


      (1)---Where is Chen Kang?

      ----He is playing basketball_____ ______ ________(在操場上)

      (2)---Hello! Li Ming. What are you doing?

      ----I am_____ ______ ______(做作業)

      (3)---Look, what are they doing?

      ---They are_____ _____(尋找)Jim’s bag.

      (4)---What class are they having?

      ---They are____ _____ ________(玩電腦游戲)now.

      (5)---Where is Mr.Wang_____ _______ ________(此刻)?

      (6)---Do you like______ _______ ________(長城)

      (7)I often do my homework______7:00______

      (從…..到……)8:30 in the evening.

      (8)I have ____ _____(幾個)good friends.

      Unit 5 Topic 3


      Today, Wednesday, Monday, Tuesday, geogrophy, Thursday, Friday, art, history, math, science, meeting, activity, lesson, draw, learn, interesting, difficult, boring ,which, subject, best, other, friendly, February, newspaper, hard, wish, story.


      1.Have a music class.上音樂課

      2.at ten o’clock 在十點鐘

      3.be over (=finish) 結束

      4.on+星期名詞 在星期幾

      5.outdoor activities 戶外活動

      6.work on 致力于,專心于

      7. learn about the past 了解歷史

      8.it’s time for … 該干…了

      9.be friendly to 對…友好

      10. play with sb 和某人玩耍

      Play with sth玩弄某物

      11.swim in the swimming pool 在游泳池游泳

      12.draw pictures 畫畫

      14. every Tuesday and Thursday 每周二和周四

      15.tell sb sth=tell sth to sb 把某事告訴某人

      16. school newspaper 校報

      17.and so on 等等

      18. learn sth from 從…學到…

      19. hard work 辛勤工作

      20. thank sb for sth/ thank sb. for doing sth


      21. run on the playground 在操場跑步

      22. watch animals看動物

      23. play soccer at school 在學校踢足球

      24. read a book at home 在家看書

      25.have dinner in the school dinning hall



      1. What day is it today?

      It’s Wednesday.

      What day …?常用來表示對星期幾的提問。

        注意:What’s the date…? 是對日期的提問。

      2. What class are they having?

      ---They are having a music class.

      What class 用來詢問“什么課程”, class與lesson同義。

      3. What time does the class begin? 什么時間開始上課?

      --At ten o’clock.

      begin“開始”同義詞是start 反義詞是finish或end.

      4. How many lessons does he have every weekday?


      5. You must like English very much.



      6. --What do you think of it?

      --Sometimes it’s difficult and boring, so I don’t like it very much.

      What do you think of…? 相當于How do you like …?


      7. What’s your favorite subject?你最喜歡的科目是什么?

      What one’s favorite…? = What does sb. like best?


      8. --Why do you like it? 你為什么喜歡它?

      --Because it’s easy and interesting.因為它簡單而有趣。


        如果表示你為什么不用 Why not…? 或Why don’t you…?

      9. My teachers are very friendly to me.

      be friendly to sb.意思是“對某人很友好”

        注意: friendly是形容詞 “友好的”“友善的”,而不是副詞。

      10. It’s time for class. Let’s go.哦,上課的時間到了,我們走吧!

      It’s time for sth= it’s time to do sth. 該做某事了?

      (四) 練習題


      1. Listen! They _______ _______ (唱歌)in the classroom.

      2. _________ ________ (星期幾)is it today?

      3. What time _________ the class _________ (開始)?

      What time _________ the class ________(結束) .

      4. He ____ ______ ______(上) English class now.

      5. She ______ _______(畫畫) at home at the moment.

      6. Look! Peter ________ ______(解答)a math problem。

      7. We must _______ ________(學習了解) the past.

      8. He ______ ________ _________(做戶外活動) after school every day.

      9. It’s time _______ _______ / _______ _______ ______ _____(上學)

      10. Which subject ______ ________ ______ ________ ?

      =What ______ ________ ______ __________(你最喜歡)

      11. _______ _________ you ________ _________ it?

      = _______ _________you ________it ? (你對。。??捶ㄈ绾?

      12. My teachers ____ ________ ________ me.(對。。。友好)

      13. My ______ _______ is very interesting.(校園生活)

      14. ________ ________at 8:00 am。(上課)

      15. I study art,music and _______ ________ _________(其他一些學科)

      16. I often _____ _______ _________ my ________(和同學們說英語)

      17. I can _______ a lot ________ it。(從。。。學到)

      18. We must _______ _________ Lei Fen.(向。。。學習)

      19. Thank you ________ _______ ______ _______ . (辛勤勞動)

      20. I like ______ _______ _______ my friends.(和。。打籃球)

      21. He ______(認為)math is _______ and _________ (枯燥難學)and

      English is _________ and ________(容易有趣)


      1.It’s Wednesday.

      _______ ________ is it today?

      2. The class begins at 10:00.

      _______ ______ ______ the class _______?

      3. It is over at 10:45.

      ______ ______ _____ it over?

      4. They are having a music class?

      ______ ______ _____ they ______ ?

      5. He has six English lessons every week.

      _______ ________ English lessons ________ he ________ every week?

      6. He has Chinese, English and math lessons on Monday.

      ________ _________he ________ on Monday?

      7. I like history because it’s easy.

      ________ ________ you ________ history?

      8. He thinks PE is very interesting.

      ________ ________ he ________ ________ PE?

      (________ ________ he ________ PE?)

      9. I like PE best.

      _______ _______ do you like _______??


      1.They are all _________(friend) to me.

      2. I like English _______ (well)

      3. Best _______ (wish) to you for Mother’s Day.

      4.My mother often tells me many interesting ________ (story).

      5. The Great Wall is ________ (wonder).

      6. They do a lot of outdoor _______(activity) after school.

      7. They are many books on those ________ (shelf).

      8. He is _______ (run) on the playground.

      9. It’s 9:00. They are _______ (have) a class.

      10. May often ________ it. (watch)

      11. They usually ________(ride) bikes to school.

      12. Sunday is the ________ (one) day of a week.

      13. Jim usually _______(do) sports after school. Look! He ____________(swim) in the pool.

      14. Maria likes ___________(read) in the library. She ____________books in the library every Saturday.

      15. It’s time ____________ (have) lunch. The students ____________ (have) lunch in the dinning room at the moment.

      16. Listen!They___________(sing) in the classroom.

      They ____________(sing)songs in the music lessons once a week.

      17. It’s 10 pm. Jane would like ____________(sleep).

      Look, she ____________(sleep) in the bed now.

      18. Kate ____________(think) maths ___________(be) different from Chinese.

      19. Li Ming usually ____________(ride) a bike to school. But today it’s late. So he ___________(take) a car to school now.

      20. My brother _________(like) __________(play) computer games very much.

      Now, he __________(have) a computer class.


      七年級英語下冊 Unit 6知識點總結

      Unit 6 Topic 1


      1. on the second floor 在第二層

      ( The building has four floors. I am on the first floor.)

      2. go upstairs( adv.)上樓; go downstairs 下樓

      3. a moment later 過了一會兒

      4. play with sb 和某人一起玩 play with sth. 玩弄某物

      5. in front of 和in the front of 區別:加the的詞組表示物體內部的前面

      6. on the wall 在墻上 in the wall

      7. on the tree (蘋果) in the tree (鳥)

      8. a model plane 模型飛機

      9. play on the computer 玩電腦 (比較play computer games 玩電腦游戲)


      1. There be 句型 (翻譯出來是“在某地有某物”,表示一種客觀存在,

        而have表主觀擁有,其主語是人。結構 There be + 主語+介詞短語,


        肯定句:There is a computer in your study.

        否定句: There isn’t a computer in your study.

        一般疑問句: Is there a computer in your study?

      Yes, there is./ No, there isn’t.

        特殊疑問句:What’s in your study?

      ★問數量:How many computers are there in your study?

        【注】There is some milk on the table. (此處雖然是some milk,


        變為否定句:There isn’t any milk on the table.

      ★就近原則: There is a lamp , a computer, some books and so on.


      2. Welcome to my new home.【 home作n.】

      (對比Welcome home 【 home 作adv.】 )

      3. There are so many books on the shelf. 書架上有這么多好看的書啊。

      4. Why not go upstairs and have a look? = Why don’t you…….?


      5.My dog is playing with my computer. 我的狗在玩我的電腦呢。

      6.Don’t put them here. Put them away.別把它們放在這兒,請收起來放好。

      7. You must look after your things.你必須保管好你的東西。

      8.How many pairs of shoes are there under the bed? 在床下有多少雙鞋子?

      9. There are many beautiful flowers in the garden, but there aren’t any trees in it.


      10. I love playing on the computer in the study. 我喜歡在書房玩電腦。

      (love doing sth.=like doing sth. 喜歡做某事)?


        年、月、午(別),季(節)in加上, 某日午別當用on;

        鐘點時(刻)、日(期)用at, 一周七天均用on.



      1. Look, there are many apples __________ the tree.

      2. The football is _________ the door, so you can’t see it.

      3. My sister’s bedroom is __________ the first floor.

      4. Would you like to go upstairs _________ me?

      5. Here is your coat. You must look after it carefully.

      6. It’s a quarter _____________________ five. Let’s go home.


      1. —There _________ good news for you. I find your lost purse.

      —Really? Thank you very much.

      A. have B. are C. is D. be

      2.Look at the picture of my bedroom. There ________ a ball and some shoes under the bed.

      A. are B. is C. have D. be

      3. —_______ there a pair of pants on the bed?

      — No, but there is a coat.

      A. Do B. Does C. Is D. Are

      4. The house is behind the tree, so the tree is _________ the house.

      A. in the front of B. in front of C. behind D. back

      5. There will ______ a class meeting ________ the morning of May 4th .

      A. have, at B. have on C. be, at D. be, on

      6. — What ________ on the desk?

      — There are some flowers.

      A. be B. am C. are D. is

      7. I’m glad _________ a letter from you.

      A. get B. getting C. to get D. gets

      8. —Are there __________flowers in your room?

      —No, there aren’t.

      A. a B. some C. the D. any

      9. Jane is looking __________ her little sister, because her mother isn’t at home.

      A. at B. after C. for D. up?


      1. There are many apples on the table.(改為一般疑問句)

      _______________ ____________ ______________ apples on the table?

      1. My bedroom is next to my study. (對劃線部分進行提問)

      ___________ _________ __________ bedroom ?

      2. Jack is playing basketball. (對劃線部分進行提問)

      _________ Jack _________ ?

      3. Why not go to the study? (同意句轉換)

      __________ _________ ____________ go to the study?

      4. There are seven days in a week. (對劃線部分提問)


      5. —Whose bike is this?

      — It’s not __________ (my). It’s ______________ (Jack).

      6. There are five rooms on the ______________ (two) floor.

      7. My cousin is playing games on the playground. (對劃線部分提問)

      _________ is your cousin __________ on the playground?

      Unit 6Topic 2


      1. 在農村 in the country 在郊區 in the suburb

      2.一套三居室的房子 house with three bedrooms

      3. call sb. at +電話號碼 ,撥打….與某人聯系

      4. a quiet double room under 300yuan per month 一間安靜的雙人間,月租低于300元

      5.house with furniture for a family of three 適合三口之家,家具齊全的房子

      6. rent sth. to sb. 把某物租給某人 rent sth. from sb. 從某人那租某物

      7. on the street corner 在街角

      8. keep money 存錢

      9. 寄信 mail (post) letter

      10. see a doctor 看醫生

      11. month 的復數 months

      12 at the end of 在…..的盡頭

      13 community service center in our area 在我們這帶的服務中心

      14. 靠近 be close (adj.) to / close (adv.) to / near / next to (緊靠)

        【反義詞是 far from】

      15. right now 馬上,立刻= at once

      16. Children’s Day 兒童節 ; Teachers’ Day 教師節 ;Women’s Day 婦女節


      1.--What’s your home like? 你的家是什么樣的?

      --It’s an apartment building. 它是一棟公寓樓。

      2. They live in a big farmhouse in the country. 他們住在農村的農舍里。

      3. What’s the matter with….?= What’s up with……?= What’s wrong with…..?


      4. I hear you playing the piano我聽到你正在彈鋼琴

      (hear sb. do sth. 表示聽到某人做過了某事,類似的有see,watch,find)

      5. --I ‘m afraid it’s too loud. --恐怕聲音有點大。

      --I’ m really sorry about that. --我真的對此很抱歉。

      6. There are no houses on the right. = There aren’t any houses….

      (no后可以加可數和不可數名詞= not any后加不可數名詞或者可數名詞復數 / not a 后加可數名詞單數)

      7. There are a lot of tall buildings and small gardens in our community.


      8. There are many shops and restaurants close to my home.

      = My home is close to my shops.我家附近有許多商店和飯店。

      9. The parking lot and the train station are not far from here.

        停車場和火車站離這不遠。(near/close to 反義詞far from)

      10. We can call it for help. (call sb for sth/ doing sth.)


      11. Are there many people living near your home? 有許多人住在你家附近嗎?

      (there be +sb.+doing sth表示某地有某人在做什么)

      12. I can’t hear you, the line is bad. 我聽不清,線路不好。

      13. My kitchen fan doesn't work.

      = There is something wrong with my kitchen fan.

      = Something is wrong with my kitchen fan. 我家廚房的排氣扇壞了。

      14. I’ll get someone to check it right now.我會馬上派人去檢查一下它的。

      (get sb to do sth. 派某人去做某事 = ask sb to do sth.)

      15. Many people are moving from cities to the suburbs.


      (move to …., move from ….to ….從…..搬到、移動到…..)

      16. The traffic is heavy and the cost of living is high. 交通擁擠,生活開銷高。

      (cost 在這做名詞,做動詞時,主語是物,句型 sth. cost sb some money )

      e.g. The rose costs me 10 yuan.

      17. There are many houses with big yards in the suburbs.


      18. What kind of home do you live in? 你住在什么樣的房子里?


      1. 這個襯衫花了我50元。


      2. There are two _________(鋼琴) and three guitars in the room.

      3. --The classroom is so dirty.

      -- Oh, I’ll get someone ______ it soon.

      A. cleans B. clean C cleaning D . to clean

      4. --- Where do you live, Mary?

      --- I live ___________ Zhongshan Road.

      A at the end of B. on the end C in the end D. by the end of

      5. 很多家庭喜歡從城市搬到郊區。

      Many families like __________________ the city ______ the suburbs.

      6. 杰克聽到他媽媽正在廚房唱歌。

      Jack _______ his mother ________________________________.?

      7. 請保持安靜。______________________________.

      8. 連詞成句: in , a, single, I , need, room, to , live, quiet


      9. 我看到他正在操場上玩球。


      10. 那個女孩想寄些東西給她的朋友。


      11. There is one picture in my bedroom.(就劃線部分提問)


      12. If you want to have a picnic. You can ____ a car _____ the company.

      A. rent; to B. rent ; for C. rent ; from D. rent; of

      13. Michael likes music very much. I often hear him________ the piano at home.

      A. plays B playing C. play D to play

      14. My home is ___________ my school/

      A. close to B. closed from C. closed to

      15. --Which city do you _________? -- I live in New York.

      A live in B. live C. to live

      16. My watch doesn’t work.(寫出兩個同義句)


      17. There ____ a pen and two pencils in the pencil-box.

      A are B be C is

      18. I’d like a cup of coffee _______ some sugar and milk/

      A. in B. of C. with D. to

      19. Look!There are some children ________ in the scool yard.

      A. play B. are playing C. to play D. play

      20. --What’s your father like?


      A. He likes apples. B. He is kind.

      C. He lives in a tall buliding D. He likes living in the city.

      Uint 6Topic 3


      1. turn left at the first street 在第二個街口向左轉

      = take the second street(turning) on the left

      2. go across (prep.) the bridge = cross (v.)the bridge 過橋

      3. across from 在….的對面

      4. on the road 在路上 on/ in the street 在街上

      5. on the corner of the street 在街角

      (比較in the corner of 和at the corner of)

      6. between….and ….在…和….之間

      7. walk on 繼續走

      8 public phone 公用電話

      9. at the traffic lights 在紅綠燈處

      10. No right turn 禁止右轉 No parking 禁止停車 Go straight 直走

      11. be in danger 處于危險之中

      12. get hurt 受傷(get 系動詞,hurt 是形容詞)

      13. lose one’s life 失去了某人的生命

      14. obey the traffic rules 遵守交通規則

      15. a ticket for speeding/ drinking and driving/parking in the wrong place

      / making a wrong turn 超速/酒后駕車/亂停車/轉錯彎罰單

      16. make a wrong turn 轉錯彎

      17. keep quiet in class. 上課時要安靜。?


      1.--Excuse me, is there a bank near here?

      -- Go up (Go along)this street to the end ,and you will find it on your left.



      2. How can I get to the bookstore? = Could you tell me the way to the bookstore?

      = Could you tell me how to get to the bookstore?

      = Where is the way to the bookstore? 問路的句型

      3. It's about five hundred meters along (adv.) on the right.


      4. Go along this road until you get to Beisihuan Road.



      5. You can’t miss it. 你不會錯過它的。(miss 除了表示錯過,還可以表示“想念”e.g. She misses her mother. )

      6. You need to take bus No. 718, then you should change to the No. 108 bus at Anzhen Bridge.


        【注意:】(1)need to do sth, 需要去做某事 ; need sth / sb 需要某物,某人(2)should 在這是情態動詞,后加動原。

      (3)change to 轉乘。 change from A to B 從A變成B

      (change 作名詞還可以表示“零錢”,不可數)

      (4)幾路車有兩種表示方法: bus NO.718 或者the NO.718 bus

      7. --How far is it from here? (問距離) --It’s about ten kilometers away from here.


      8. How can we make the roads safe? 我們怎樣才能使道路安全?(make sth/ sb. +adj.)

      9.Before(prep.) we cross the road, we must stop and look both ways.


      10. We must never play on the street. 我們絕對不能在街上玩耍。

      = We must not play the street.

      11. It’s good to help children and old people to cross the road.

        幫助小孩和老人過馬路是一種助人為樂的行為。(It’s good to do sth.)

      12.Wait for your turn when the lights are red.



      1. Before you______ the road, you must stop and have a look.

      A. cross B. go cross C. across D. crossing

      2. --________ is the train station from the post office?

      -- About twenty-minute bike ride.

      A. How much B. How long C. How often D. How far

      3. The theater is _____ the corner of the restaurant.

      A. on B. in C. for D. from

      4. It’s good ______________ old people and blind people.

      A. help B. helping C. to help D. for helping

      5. --How far is it from here?

      --It’s about 2 kilometers _________ here.

      A. far B. away from C. near from D. away

      6. The baby ________ a doctor because he is ill.

      A. need B. need to C. is need D. needs

      7. --Where is your school?

      --Our school is _________ a hospital.

      A. across B. away C. across from D. between?

      8.Go down the street and turn ___ left. The restaurant is ____ the right.

      A. to; at B. to; to C./; on D. on; to

      9. Excuse me, can you tell me ____________ the post office?

      A. the way B. the way for C. the way to D. the way near

      10. --How can I get to the supermarket?

      --First you should take the NO.2 bus to Beifeng Bridge, and then you need

      ______the NO.8 bus.

      A. to change B. change to C. to change to D. to change for

      11. --Excuse me, how can I get to the book store?

      --Go across the bridge. It’s about 200 meters ________ on the left.

      A. about B. far C. along D. near

      12. Thank you anyway. ( 同義句轉換 ) Thank you _______ _______ ________.

      13. Take the first turning on the left. ( 同義句轉換 )

      ________ _______ at the

      first turning.

      14. My office is on the second floor. ( 對劃線部分提問)

      ______ _______ ______ office?

      15.The bank is at the end of this road. You will find it. ( 同義句轉換 )

      The bank is at the end of this road. You _______ _________ it.



      仁愛英語七上Review of Units 3-4.mp3

      仁愛英語七上Review of Units1-2聽力

      仁愛英語七年級上冊Review of Unit 3.mp3

      仁愛英語七上Reviow of Unit 1聽力

























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